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Introducing GeoVideo3 Product Offerings:

System Description Price (USD)
GV3-M Camera System 0.3MP Real-time, Grayscale, up to 180fps $60,000
GV3-C Camera System 0.3MP Real-time, RGB Color, up to 180fps $75,000
GV3-HSM Camera System 1.3MP Real-time, Grayscale, up to 500fps $100,000
GV3-HSC Camera System 1.3MP Real-time, RGB Color, up to 500fps $115,000
GV3-HRM Camera System 2.8MP Real-time, Grayscale, up to 282fps $100,000
GV3-HRC Camera System 2.8MP Real-time, RGB Color, up to 282fps $115,000

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