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Geometric Informatics provides high-definition, 3D, realistic avatars. Our technology creates avatars that look like the people they represent. They are the ideal solution for the professionals.

Our technology does not limit you to 2D or cartoon-style avatars. Our avatar technology is cusomizable to fit a variety of needs.

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Geo UV Texture Mapper

Automatic 3D Texture Surface Conformal Parameterization
Surface parameterization is crucial for surface texture mapping and converting meshes to splines. General surface parameterization is time-consuming and requires intensive manual guidance. Our global surface parameterizer is automatic, distortion-free, and based on profound Riemann surface theory.

This method:
  • Ensures that the map is distortion-free upon reapplication to the model, even at sites of surface cuts.
  • Provides even surface texture mapping.
  • Simplifies UV map generation.
  • Is "intrinsic to the geometry, independent of the triangulation, insensitive to the resolution" of the 3D structure.
  • Provides surface cuts for unwrapping that are solely determined by the surface's geometry.
  • Produces models and textures that can be exported for processing in popular 3D software packages.
Morphing between two 3D structures has never been easier using our software. Because all 3D structures are interpreted as a smooth surfaces and not bundles of vertices, transitions between them is inherently smoother. Simple shapes can be morphed into much more complicated structures, seamlessly, with little effort.

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GeoVideo is a high-resolution (over 600,000 triangles per frame) 3D geometry video acquisition system that provides 3D surface geometry data recording capabilities at 180 frames per second with real-time rendering for previewing geometry video data. The 3D geometry video data is immediately available for recording. Each video frame is captured with texture information that is aligned exactly point for point with 3D geometry.

GeoVideo captures facial expressions including smiles and grimaces, such as wrinkles on a face and difficult cases such as hair, fur, fluid, and textured cloth.

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